Why Choose A Reltec Ionizer
Why Choose A Reltec Ionizer
Understanding Ions
Harmful Effects of Positive Ions
Why are Negative Ions so Important
Your health is far too precious to risk using anything but the very best. Reltec are the only therapeutic Ionizers available today capable of generating the natural negative cluster ions similar to those in the nature. With the proven revolutionary technology, Reltec Ionizer releases plenty of natural negative ions which enter into your body, bloodstream and cells to produce biological effects.

These are some of the many factors that make the Reltec unique:

  • Reltec is included as a medical device approved by Japanese Ministry of Health.
  • Reltec had earned numerous awards world-wide including the highest medical award from the United Nation for its excellence.
  • Reltec’s multi-award winning products are backed by both scientific report and medical report.
  • Reltec is the world's only medical Ionizer to produce negative ions clusters that are similar to those found in nature.
  • Reltec Ionizers do more than simply clean the air; Reltec Ionizers are therapeutic devices recognised around the world for a range of physiological improvements in health and wellness.
  • The Reltec “ion exchange unit” which generates negative cluster ions similar to those found in nature is protected by Patent. Any manufacturer or distributor of Ionizers (or negative ion generators) that make a similar claim is infringing our Patent.
  • Reltec Air Series Ionizers produce up to 1.9 million per of naturally clustered negative ions with no ozone.
  • Reltec Medical Series Ionizers produce up to 5.5 million naturally clustered negative ions that can directly enter into the body through the skin without any loss of negative ions in the air around us.