User Reviews

Reducing  Ions Therapy had helped me went through chemotherapies and radiation therapies much easier. I was more energetic and recovered faster compared to other cancer patients.  ~ CV Tung


For the past few years, I had problem of vaginal itch every month 1 week before menstrual cycle. I was prescribed antibiotic every time I consulted a Doctor. I am glad that this problem had been cured and had not recurred after I started using Reltec home unit for few weeks.  ~ Teresa Y.F Chan

My severe insomnia which I had been struggling with for years had finally gone away. ~ Lily Soo

My 9 year old son got frequent nosebleeds and Dr. could not help much. Therefore, we decided to give it a try on Negative Ions Therapy. Thanks God, the nosebleeds disappeared after 3 weeks using the home unit.  ~ Jasmend Ho


Reltec Mi Air Clean IV has made me more patient, calm and  energetic.  I highly recommend it to everybody. ~ CC Lau, District Manager


I had experienced numbness in my hands for the past one year. It caused me waking up multiple times in one night while sleep. I had seen doctors but they were not able to give me conclusive answer. I tried chiropractic care, massage, exercises, physiotherapy treatment but the problems still persisted. I started negative ions therapy for 2 weeks and the problem disappeared completely. I sleep like a baby at night and far more energetic since then. ~ Karen, Marketing Director


I am 73 years old and have had diabetes and asthma for more than 20 years. Reltec Negative Ions Therapy and Mi Air Clean IV do work for me. After 20 days treatments my asthmatic attack has improved so much with no relapsed.   I am much more alert and energetic now. ~ SK Loo


I am a 66 year old woman. For many years,I have had pain in my knee when I walk. I could hardly walk not to mention shop. My daughter bought me a unit of Mi Air Clean IV and after few weeks of using it, I could now walk and shop for hours without feeling any pain. ~ CP Ko