Negative Ions Therapy
Negative Ions Therapy
All living beings are made up of cells. The adult human body is made up of about 60-100 trillion cells. Cells are the fundamental units of life, health and beauty. Mi Energy is the first and only technology in the world that can naturally improve regeneration and rejuvenation of the cells with no side effects.

With Proven Scientific Research

Clinical report done by Reduction Ion Medical Science Association revealed a series of remarkable and effective results. In additional, the treatment is being widely practiced in several Japanese Clinics, medical centers and research institutes such as:

  • Horiguchi Hospital, Japan
  • Tsurumi Clinic
  • Maruyama Allergy Clinic
  • Funato Clinic

  • Healing benefits of our Negative Ions Therapy include:

  • Regulate the acid-alkali balance
  • Increase anti-oxidation
  • Strengthen the immune system against diseases
  • Increase absorption of nutrients
  • Rejuvenate blood cells
  • Encourages the breakdown of cancerous cells
  • Help facilitate the healing process

    Therapy Package*
    5 days a week
    3 sessions a day
    20 mins max per day *subject to individual condition



  • RM79.50 per day
  • RM328.60 per week
  • RM954 per month
  • *Medical report required
    *Term and condition applied

    For further information about our Negative Ions Therapy, or to make appointment for therapy, please contact us during our office hour. Please take note that the therapy services are available by appointment only.